Identer Software Solutions

For Interbank Instant Payments

We are already in the era of new real-time payments. The interbank instant payment infrastructures just starting to gain momentum are only the presteps of what is going to happen in the big picture. The whole payment process and many base principles behind it is going to change. Such implementations as European-wide Request to Pay (R2P) will touch everything from invoicing to card and network payments. By isolating core banking functions completely from the evolving set of connected remote payment systems the current and forthcoming migrations can be made smooth and manageable.

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For Bank and Payments Accounts Monitoring System

The European Union 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) sets up certain requirements for the financial institutions to provide customer information related to accounts and deposit boxes, as well as ultimate beneficiaries of these resources. In certain countries the local regulation demands on-line data retrieval systems to be implemented to allow officials a real-time access to required information. This is clearly an area where the usage of general-purpose Banking Gateway simplifies implementation significantly.

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For Strong Electronic Identification

During the transition phase to Finnish Trust Network with modern, secure authentication protocols and the increasing growth of strong electronic identification use we are offering a fully transparent approach for the application service providers. By isolating the interfaces of different identity method and brokerage services behind a simple, uniform API, strong authentication can be utilized in customer applicatons with minimal programming and technical knowledge. Multiple identity broker or method provider agreements may coexist and service providers can be switched in seconds for ultimate cost optimization.

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