Financial Messaging Unified

Identer Banking Gateway (IDBAG) is a software solution with a capability to solve various connectivity needs of external systems and services, both easily and cost-effectively. Via the Gateway instant payment systems, as well as Request to Pay services and regulatory bank and payment accounts data retrieval systems (anti-money laundering) can be integrated transparently and with minimal development work.

Interbank instant payment service interfaces in‑a‑box

The Gateway enables simple and cost-effective integration to interbank instant payment systems (IPS) and networks. It is an intermediate system between payment service providers and the bank internal back-office systems implementing real-time payment functions. Various separate instant payment services can be connected via single gateway setup and automatic routing and conversion of payment messages allow transparent usage of services, without the need to encounter technical differences of multiple interfaces in the bank internal systems. In addition to instant payment transactions the same Gateway architecture can be extended to effectively cover other existing or future banking messaging purposes, such as Request to Pay (R2P).

At its most ideal form the Gateway acts as a single postbox for all instant payment messages constructed in the back-office system, taking care of possible format conversions and routing to the appropriate target network and service provide IPS. Similarly, IDBAG captures all incoming payment messages, regardless of the source IPS, and trims them to a common format recognized by the bank internal environment before passing further.

Not forgetting other messaging needs...

IDBAG is not only a payment transaction system. The general-purpose nature, plug-in architecture and customisable conversion rules enable various other financial messaging needs to be solved using the same generic platform.

A fresh example is the European Union anti-money laundering directive AMLD5 and related national country-specific requirements for on-line query systems of customer and beneficiary data. IDBAG can be used as the specified interface system, significantly simplifying the implementation of the bank and payments accounts data retrieval system.

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